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Wireless Installation & Support

Wireless systems have become the norm in business environments.  Whether providing signal for laptops, tablets, phones and desktop systems, or doing point to point wireless shots between buildings to extend your network, wireless is the easiest and most cost effective.

Services we provide includeEAP900H

♦   Wireless Site Surveys – Wireless installations require planning before implementation.  Which channels are clear; type of security to implement, and proper device selection should be discussed.  Our site survey’s are performed before installations to identify these areas and  ”dead spots”, and again after to ensure coverage in the areas you require.

♦   Device selection

♠    We attempt to provide aesthetically pleasing devices in office areas if they are located in “common” areas.  Maximum range and power are foremost, but blending in is good too.

♠   External devices are selected for range, direction and power to provide maximum bandwidth for your remote sites.



♦   Professional Wireless Installation & Support

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